Hacking Basics Part 2

hacking tutorial, hacking basics

The previous hacking tutorial – Hacking Basics Part 1 we described the essential mindset you must have to learn hacking. In this post we’ll get into the essential technical skills.

Keep in mind that this hacking tutorial series is about hacking basics. Obviously there are much more skills you can learn and the more the better. We’ll get into that in other hacking tutorial series But for the basics here’s what you’ll need:

  1. An understanding of network protocols mainly: TCP, UDP and ICMP. The internet is one huge network. Without an understanding of these protocols you’re missing even the hacking basics.
  2. An understanding of HTTP. Needless to say that’s how almost every website in the world works. You want to learn how to hack a website, you need to learn HTTP.
  3. An understanding of the different operating systems and how to interact with them using the command line. Often times if you’re successful hacking a system you will not get a graphical interface and you’ll need to know how to interact with it on the command line. Moreover a lot of hacking tools are command line based and if that’s something that puts you off, you need to get over it.

These are the most basic of hacking basics. Again, there’s much, much more than this to hacking but without these there’s little chance you get good at this.

One questions always comes up: Do I need to know programming? The answer is yes and no.

No you don’t need to learn programming to learn hacking. Yes you need to learn programming if you want to be a good hacker.

Howevert, it’s important to note the difference between conventional programming and scripting. Almost all good hackers know scripting which is a way to automate things. With advanced scripting you can also create you own hacking tools.

That cover part 2 of Hacking Basics. In the next hacking tutorial we’ll explain the basics of the protocols you need to understand.

Hacking Basics Part 1

hacking tutorial, hacking basics

In this hacking tutorial we’ll cover the following of hacking basics:

  • Why hack?
  • What is hacking
  • How to get started

You’re here because you’re curious to find out more about hacking. And that says something about you. You have the curiosity that motivated you to research, read and hopefully practice. That’s why hackers hack. Because they’re curious. They like to find out more about how things work, they’re inquisitive by nature and like to find out “what if”… and this is the essence of hacking.

Hacking is ultimately about answering the question “what if?”. What if I do this and not that? What if I input this code and not that? Most people accept things as they appear. Hackers don’t. They like to look under the hood and take things apart. Because when you understand how something works you can break it down and built it up completely differently. And that’s what hacking is.

To get started in hacking you need a few things.

  • One – you already have which is curiosity.
  • Two – you need persistence. There are sometimes when the learning curve will be too steep and you’ll get frustrated. The more you push the better you’ll get.
  • Three – genuine interest. That might sound odd, but you have to genuinely interested (not trying to impress a girl) in hacking otherwise you will not succeed at it. Hacking basics are well… basics and pretty easy to handle. But then things will get more difficult but luckily a lot more interesting.
  • Four – challenge things. Don’t accept thins for face value, even as you’re reading this hacking tutorial you should challenge whatever you think you don’t agree with and try to make it better.

This is just an introduction about the generic mindset that you’ll need to get started. Obviously, there’s much more to it than just this. In the next section of this hacking tutorial get into the technical bit.

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